Drill Bits

Drill Bits

Along with a complete line of wood preservatives, supplies, and utility pole tags for wood pole maintenance programs, Poles, Inc.® also offers inspection and treatment drill bits.  Go to www.poles.com for detailed information on all of our wood pole maintenance and wood preservative products. 


Treated Wood Pole Inspectors, Railroad Bridge Inspectors, and others use a variety of drill bits to help them accomplish the task of inspecting and prolonging the service life of wood preservative treated wood poles and wood timbers.  Poles, Inc.® offers a complete line of small, medium, and large sized drill bits for this use.  Some are Bell Hanger Bits while others are Wood Auger Bits.  Often referred to as Pole Auger Bits or Ship Auger Bits, these bits are not easily purchased at traditional stores.   Poles, Inc.® offers 18 sizes and styles of drill bits for drilling into wood.  Click here to see our drill bit size chart.  


Our 3/8" x 18" Irwin Bell Hanger Bit, is a top seller for use in wood pole and bridge inspection.  This bit enters the wood quickly and allows the inspector to feel the resistance of the wood.  Wood that can be drilled too easily is likely to have decay or insect attack present.  The thickness of the remaining shell of the pole or timber can be determined by inserting our shell thickness gauge tool into the hole.  These shell gauge tools are available in different sizes and styles.  Click here to see our shell thickness indicator info pdf.  A 3/8" inspection hole should always be plugged with a 7/16" x 2" treated hardwood plug or a 7/16" x 3" treated hardwood plug.   Inspection holes should also be filled with a wood preservative before being plugged. Click here to learn about our inspection hole treatments. 


Our 7/8" x 18" Auger Moly coated bit is our top selling bit for use on wood preservative treatment sized holes.  Auger bits remove the wood as they drill into the pole or timber, thus making room for the wood preservative fumigant or other wood preservative formula to be installed.  Click here to learn about our wood pole fumigant.  Moly is short for the element Molybdenum.  Molybdenum coating increases the bits service life and allows the bit to more easily turn in the hole.  The 7/8" treatment holes should always be plugged with a 15/16" x 3" treated hardwood plug or a S2R2 Plastic Pole Plug™ 7/8".   


Click on the popular size bit you would like to purchase here.  This will take you directly to the ordering area for that size.

3/8" x 18" Irwin Bell Hanger,  3/8" x 18" Auger Moly,  3/4" x 18" Auger Moly,  7/8" x 18" Auger Moly,  7/8" x 23" Auger Moly.  All bit sizes available at www.poles.com.


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