Wood Preservatives

Wood Preservatives

Poles, Inc.® offers wood preservatives for a number of markets including wood pole inspection and maintenance programs, wood bridge inspection and treatment, fence post manufacturing, wood military box manufacturing, bolt hole and end cut treatments plus many other uses.  The following hot links will take you to the order area of our www.poles.com web site for these different preservatives.


For the treating of fences, posts, ranch gates, wooden entry arches, end cuts, bolt holes, wood bridges, piling cuts, AWPA M-4 required treatments:


Tenino Copper Naphthenate 2% (17% by volume)

Cu-Nap, Copper Naphthenate Concentrate 8% (68% by volume)


For treating indoor wood, above ground wood, other wood that is in sensitive areas:





For treating military boxes:


QNap 5W


For Treating hop poles, landscape timbers, fence posts:


Cu-Nap, Copper Naphthenate Concentrate


For treating the exterior of standing utility poles or archway poles:




Cu-Bor in convenience packaging

Pole Wrap™​ CB


For treating the interior of wood poles that are owned by utility or other industrial users:


L Fume 33

G Fume 96

MITC-FUME (Restricted Use)

Hollow Heart CB

QNap 8 Concentrate


For treating the interior of wood poles that are owned by the public, farmers, ranchers etc:


Bor8 Rods

Cobra Rods


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