Plastic Removable Plugs

Plastic Removable Plugs

Plastic Removable Plugs are also available for use when sealing holes in any type of treated timber or wooden pole.  Plastic plugs offer some advantages over treated wood plugs, especially when the timber or pole needs to be inspected during future years.  Removing old treated wood plugs, with a drill, can cause the original hole to become elongated and larger.  To avoid this problem, the use of a threaded plastic plug allows for the easy removal of the plug without enlarging the hole.


Our S2R2 Plastic Pole Plug is produced by a USA based manufacturer that has an ISO 9001 compliant plant.  S2R2 Plastic Pole Plug stands for Start, Seal, Remove, and Reuse.  These characteristics make our plastic plug a top choice for many of North America’s top utility companies.  S2R2 Plastic Pole Plug are manufactured using a high quality HDPE plastic that is less brittle than other brands. The plugs can be easily removed using a T 55 or T 60 Torx® wrench.  Click here for S2R2 Plastic Pole Plug information pdf.


When ordering plastic plugs, use the actual hole size.  Example, 7/8" hole requires a 7/8" S2R2 Plastic Pole Plug Click here to see our sizing, packaging, and color chart.  There are over 20 plastic plug sizes and packaging options available from Poles. Inc.®  Click here to order S2R2 Plastic Pole Plug.  Using the same inspection and treatment holes during subsequent treatment cycles dramatically reduces the number of holes that would need to be drilled into the pole.


T 55 and T 60 Torx® driver heads are available at


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