Treated Hardwood Plugs

Treated Hardwood Plugs

Poles, Inc.®, offers North America’s best selection of in-stock, wood preservative treated hardwood plugs.  Our treated wood plugs can be shipped to all 50 states plus all of the Canadian Provinces. If you would like to order pressure treated hardwood plugs, click here.  Also our entire product line of wood preservatives and wood pole inspection supplies are available for easy on-line ordering at  Phone orders (719) 685-0333 or email


Treated hardwood plugs are used to fill holes in all types of wood products, new or in service.  Telephone poles, wooden bridges, railroad ties, decks, docks, fences, ocean piers, railroad trestles, piling, wooden utility poles, railroad tie plugs, or any wood item that has a hole in it that needs to be filled.  Plugs are either, treated hardwood plugs or pressure treated hardwood plugs.  Our plugs that been treated with American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) approved wood preservatives such as: Copper Naphthenate, CuN, CU NAP, Cu-Nap, Chromated Copper Arsenate, CCA, or CCA-C.  These preservatives are listed in P36, P8, P26, P27, or P23 of the AWPA Book of Standards.


Important Note: Treated wood plugs, themselves, do not treat the hole; plugs only seal the hole and are treated with a wood preservative so that the plug itself does not rot.  To prevent future decay and insect attack to wood you will need to apply an EPA registered wood preservative.  Click here for our wood preservative options that can be used to fill and treat the holes.


To ensure a tight fitting treated wood plug, always order a size that is 1/16" larger than the drill bit size.  Click here to review our size chart.  We also welcome requests for custom size wood plugs that are not listed in our chart.   


Some common uses of our preservative treated hardwood plugs include filling wood pole inspection holes, utility hardware removal holes, holes that were drilled in the wrong place, wood preservative treatment holes, utility line reconfiguration projects, tie plugs for spike holes, plus many other uses.


Packaged in convenient one gallon or five gallon pails.


Click on one of these popular sizes, or go to our on-line ordering area at

7/16" x 2",  7/16" x 3",  5/8" x  2",  11/16" x 3",  7/8" x 3" 15/16" x 3",  1  1/16" x 3"


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